Google Code-in 2013 Grand Prize Trip

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I received the first information about that I become a Grand Prize Winner as an E-mail entitled “Congratulations you are a Google Code-in 2013 Grand Prize Winner with Wikimedia” sent January 13th. The E-mail was comprehensive and it was describing paperwork I have to do before I’ll go. Google was funding the trip not only for me, but also for one of my parents. In next E-mails I received bunch of useful informations – for example, that I’ll have funded 4 nights at Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco (what gives one additional day spent at SF since all the events lasted 4 days), I’ll receive an ATM card with $350, etc. Grand Prize Trip lasted from 13th to 16th of April. Google was paying for everything, beginning with airline ticket for almost $1500, ending with $25 Starbucks gift card.

conversation with a cashier in one of Starbucks cafes– What’s your name?
– Mateusz. – she looked at me with questioning glance, so I spelled it – M-A-T-E-U-S-Z. It’s a polish name.
– Oh, that’s a cool name!

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Java – SWT to AWT (and vice versa) image conversion with transparency support


Conversion of the SWT library’s images to AWT images may be problematic. Both libraries doesn’t provide any ready-made solutions to do this, although on the SWT Snippets webiste we can find a code, that does this operation. Unfortunately, this code isn’t perfect. First of all, SWT => AWT conversion is done without transparency support (the more interesting thing is that AWT => SWT works correctly). In this article, I’ll describe neccessary operations to restore this important feature.

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New application – Duplicate Lines Finder 2.0!


Today I publish new app – its name is Duplicate Lines Finder 2.0.

It’s 2.0, because previous versions was available only in Polish, so I didn’t publish them on english m4txblog. This is the first version in English. 🙂 It’s small application written in Java, which looks for duplicated lines or strings in text file and removes it, leaving only one occurrence of this string. Duplicate Lines Finder is very simple app, but I hope you will enjoy it. Here’s the download Link for it:

Duplicate Lines Finder

Yours, m4tx 🙂

Hello, world!


Welcome to all Internet users, who visited my blog.

What will be on this blog?
I’m interested in computer science so you can guess that the topic of this blog will be related to my interests.

This English blog is an equivalent to the Polish M4txblog and, of course, you won’t find here as much information as in the orginal version. It was only created to show my apps to a wider group of users. I will try to inform here about recent projects, as often as I can.

Visit it often to get the latest news!