version 1.0


Carnobyl64k is a game with a top perspective, when the player drives a car, and his main goal is run over all the pedestrians. At the left-top corner there’s shown amount of smashed and total pedestrians. The whole graphics in the game is generated by the source code. You can provide a seed, which will be used by the graphics generator, by the parameter –seed, for example:

java -jar Carnobyl.jar --seed 16711935

Running the game by this way will give us a pink (magenta) car. The seed must be a number, it cannot be e.g. text.

Version 1.0 (16-06-2012)
– First version of the game.



– Collision detections isn’t ideal, sometimes you can enter the building.

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Other informations

Language: English

The game requires the Java Runtime Environment at version 6 (1.6) or later. The game should run without any problems on Windows, Linux and Mac.


Version 1.0 (the latest): Size (zipped): 12kB


Version 1.0 (source code): Size (zipped): 13kB