So, you’ve come here to to find out who I am, what I do and so forth?
If only it were that easy, I would write absolutely everything… But it is contrary to appearances, not that easy.


So, my name is Mateusz, I’m 15 years old, I come and live in poland. I’m mainly interested in computer science, especially programming.


I was almost always interested in everything from the IT sector is related – hardware, software, programming, webmastering, safety, new technologies, mobile phones, etc., etc. My favorite genres are FPS (Quake, Warsow), TPS (GTA) and racing (Live for Speed, Need for Speed).

Of course, not the computer man alive – as I fall into an interesting book, it usually consumes me for a long time. Magazines am only the computer. 😉 Sometimes I like to spend time in nature, or to visit friends.


Well, yes – again about computers. 🙂 Currently I know Delphi, C++ and HTML with CSS, partly PHP and Javascript. Currently, the most I use C++ and PHP.


Xfire: matx4xfire


That would be enough, thank you for reading.